FH Darmstadt - Master Studium Electrical Engineering

Hochschule:Hochschule Darmstadt (FH Darmstadt)
Studiengang:Master Studium Electrical Engineering
Beschreibung:Weiterführender Studiengang mit Möglichkeit der Vertiefung in Erneuerbaren Energien
Studiendauer (Regelstudienzeit):4 Semester
Abschluss:Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Voraussetzung zur Zulassung:Bachelor oder FH-Diplom in Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences oder einem äquivalenten Studiengang; zertifizierte Englischkenntnisse für Nicht-Muttersprachler
BesonderheitenStudienbeginn nur zum Wintersemester

Informationen zum Studiengang (auf englisch):

The Masters course in "Electrical Engineering" offers a superior standard of education in key areas of modern electrical engineering. The general aim of the course is to provide scientific skills and the ability to analyse, develop, and manage complex systems in the field of electrical engineering by using scientific methods. Mathematical foundations and basic background in engineering are prerequisites. The course will teach in-depth abilities in theory and system oriented thinking, such that its graduates have gained competency performing, managing and directing research and development tasks under their own responsibility.

The first and second semester emphasise theory. Instructions include laboratories, exercises, and course work. In the third semester an internship in industry (industrial placement) is scheduled. The forth semester serves to research and write the Master thesis.

The syllabus is fully modular. During the first two theory semesters, each student must elect modules from a portfolio of modules of the subjects automation, communications, microelectronics and power engineering. There is one compulsory module in each theory semester with focus on economics related to the field of system development and design. Each module requires a separate examination procedure. The modular structure of the course makes it possible to tailor it to meet your individual needs. Advanced teaching methods and practical training in a wide range of electrical engineering subject areas provide graduates with excellent career prospects.