Universität Kiel - Master Studium Materials Science and Engineering

Hochschule:Universität Kiel
Studiengang:Master Studium Materials Science and Engineering
Beschreibung:Postgradualer / weiterführender Studiengang mit Möglichkeit der Schwerpunktsetzung im Bereich Erneuerbare Energien
Studiendauer (Regelstudienzeit):4 Semester
Abschluss:Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Voraussetzung zur Zulassung:1) Bachelor / Diplom in einem ingenieurwissenschaftlichen Studiengang
2) Zertifizierte Englischkenntnisse

Informationen zum Studium (auf englisch):

The course of study for a master in materials science and engineering is an independent course consisting of four terms. It is based on a standard course of materials science but can also be chosen by students of related subjects with bachelor- or diploma as well as students who graduated in i. e. physics, chemistry or electrical engineering. The varying entry qualifications are a result of the diversity of the subject and a rarity of special bachelor course of studies in the area of materials science corresponding to North American experience. The project has an international character.

Modern engineering has innumerable kinds of different materials at it's disposal. Traditional materials science deals primarily (so called Strukturwerkstoff) with structural materials where mechanical properties like strength are of interest.

The new course of materials science in Kiel is directed towards functional (or operational) materials (Funktionsmaterialien) which have properties particularly suited for use in sensor technology, micro electronics, photo-voltaic technology or optics. Basic research, material development, analysis and process engineering are combined with topics such as economic viability and environmental issues to form a modern technical engineering course of study.