Universität Oldenburg - Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy

Hochschule:Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Studiengang:Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy
Beschreibung:Postgradualer / weiterführender Studiengang mit Schwerpunkt Erneuerbare Energien
Studiendauer (Regelstudienzeit):3 Semester (Teilzeit)
Abschluss:Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Voraussetzung zur Zulassung:
  • Erfolgreich absolviertes Studium (mind. 7 Semester) in Maschinenbau, Elektromechanik, Physik, o.ä.
  • Arbeitserfahrung im (Erneuerbare-) Energie-Sektor oder ländlicher Entwicklung
  • Zertifizierte sehr gute Englisch-Kenntnisse

Das postgraduale Studium zu erneuerbaren Energien an der Universität Oldenburg existeiert bereits seit über 20 Jahren. Die internationale Ausrichtung des Studiengangs macht hervorragende Englisch-Kenntnisse notwendig.

Informationen zum Studiengang (auf englisch):

Students (who must hold a four-years BSc degree in engineering or science in order to be admitted) with some professional experience in the field of energy, study the theory and applications of renewable energy systems, test their skills in labs and outdoor experiments, visit companies and sites, and do external training in industry or research institutes. The programme is completed with a thesis project and the final examination.

Successful participation is awarded with an MSc degree. PPRE´s absolvents made their careers in industries, consultancies, government bodies, NGOs or in research institutes.

The university keeps good contacts to alumni, who are taking part in regional seminars or are invited to give lectures for the present students. Networking with absolvents includes newsletter, e-mails, internet and visits.
The programme has cooperation agreements with universities abroad with the aim of intensifying exchange of staff, students and curricula in the field of postgraduate renewable education.

The development of distance teaching units has been started and the use of internet based modules in cooperation with partner institutions started 2004 (Modules Energy Economics & Energy Meteorology).